Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Drives A Beat Up Chevy

What up people,

It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, but I had to give it some time to allow something to happen in my life, lol. Yeah, not too much.

*Last week I my girl and I traveled down to Akron, OH to go and give support to the
Low Budget Crew and The ELs featuring Zo! and Asheru. Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick were headlining the show. We had a lot of fun and I took a set of photos too, here’s the link:

***The beats for the Korona project are finally all done and she’s getting her writing on as we speak. This project is gonna be a monster. I can’t wait to have this done. We’re still shootin for January 1st, 2009. The shit is right around the corner.

***I just got done with the second beat I did for the new Phat Kat album, “Katacombs”. All I gotta say is WOW! Just wait. You’ll see.

***I just registered for this year’s Scribble Jam preliminary beat battle down in Cleveland. The winner of the prelim goes on to compete in the actual Scribble Producer Battle for like a piece of a $20,000 pot
. I need that, and plus I’m kinda getting addicted to this whole beat battle thing. It’s fun, and it’s a good showcase.

***Still working on the score to a short film written by my dude Brub. Hope to have that done real soon.

***Look out for the Past Due album “Career” that just hit the stores in July. I have like 5 joints on that album. Good quality album. Also look out for The Regiment album, "The Prelude" slated for release in the next couple months. I did a good amount of the backdrop on that album as well. Banger!

Stay tuned...and get at me!

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The Shadow said...

Skilled Trade is awesome. One of the best beat tapes i've heard in a while. Can't even wait to hear a rapper spit some knowledge on your beats. Definitly will be looking out for Apollo Brown.